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Social Media

Our team specializes in navigating the delicate landscape of managing social media in the yet-to-be-fully-legalized cannabis industry. Using innovative community development methods, we have grown multiple accounts from zero to five-digit followings, averaging 250+ new & engaged followers per month. Recently, we generated 400+ new followers for MendocinoCannabis.Shop in our first month representing the account, a 42.4% increase month over month.

With a team of strategists, designers, copywriters, photographers/videographers and creative directors, we have the tools to develop a variety of fresh & engaging content. Average engagement rates stay above 10%. Example accounts we manage or have managed include Coastal Sun, Bird Valley Organics, Treehugger Containers, Hive Mendocino, and MendocinoCannabis.Shop.


From logo development, to color palettes, to brand guidelines, to packaging systems, we have the design capabilities to take a brand from the whiteboard to the market.

Our most recent design-forward project has been with Lucent, a new, pre-launch cannabis brand & dispensary looking to top the New Mexico market. Majic Plant not only named the brand, but has fully developed a suite of design assets, packaging solutions, brand patterns, & more. The Lucent website is in progress and social media will be launching soon.



From product to lifestyle photography, our team has experience with capturing the beauty of the plant based wellness industry. Our mix of photographers, designers, & creative directors produces an ability to get the shot, and then edit/polish the capture in post.

A recent photography project featured the products of Azza, a California-based functional mushroom brand.


Email, Web & Blog

With cannabis & psilocybin, many marketing channels are heavily regulated. To fully express a brand & suite of products, website & email are critical. The Majic Plant team pulls from web, graphic & motion designers, as well as copywriters, back-end specialists, creative directors, & user experience gurus to create truly immersive websites coupled with aesthetic, engaging & high-performing email & blog programs.

To date, Majic Plant has fully developed websites for Coastal Sun, Fire Flower Farm, Azza Collective, Hive Mendocino, and Bird Valley Organics. Several website projects are in progress (Sweet Sisters Family Farm & Lucent). The team is also busy supporting the launch of email programs for Azza Collective and MendocinoCannabis.Shop.

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